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Christopher IngramChristopher Ingram exemplifies fiduciary responsibility and, as a financial advisor throughout the last decade, has successfully transitioned from an employee at a financial services firm to an independent investment advisor. Servicing more than 150 households, he has dealt with a diverse array of financial situations and has used a myriad of financial tools, solutions and products to help his clients achieve their financial goals.

Mr. Ingram spent the first five years of his financial services career with Painewebber, now UBS, and Morgan Stanley. While working at Morgan Stanley from 2000-2002, during one of the longest bear markets in history, he was awarded the National Director’s Award in each of the three years that he was with the firm. He was able to accomplish this feat by educating his clients on the importance of asset allocation in their portfolios. This alone kept clients from losing large sums of money, assisted in solidifying his relationships during a difficult market environment, and led to an abundance of referrals to others who needed the same education and were not getting it from their current advisor. He brings sound advice and solutions to his clients' most difficult and important financial challenges and he does it with the utmost honesty, integrity, loyalty, and undivided service of the client’s best interest.

Mr. Ingram’s decision to become an independent financial advisor was rooted in his belief that he would be able to take better care of each individual client if he was able to spend more time focusing on them and less time worrying about corporate quotas. In May of 2003, he transitioned close to 90% of his existing business to his independent practice and once again established a new level of trust and appreciation with his clients.

Residing in Santa Clarita, California, Mr. Ingram is married and has a precious infant daughter, a rambunctious toddler son and a beautiful preschool daughter. Thus, he and his wife, Elise, are passionate proponents and contributors to quality education and healthy, fit lifestyles in the Santa Clarita Valley.

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