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Our History

While we prefer to look towards the future, our history has indeed shaped Infinity Wealth Management into what it is today. The company’s founder, Jerry Citarella, has about 30 years of experience and has always paid close attention to results, mistakes, failures and of course successes to learn and grow to be better and more beneficial to those he serves. Jerry and other advisors within the firm have worked in different capacities in the industry which has given them a great working knowledge of the different ways companies focus, plan and direct their representatives. This experience has led them to seek independence in planning, advice and product offerings.

In 1995 Jerry started with a new company (John Hancock Financial Services) and became the #1 new representative in the region for the company that year. He was asked to speak at the next year’s new representative training but was given no guidance other than “tell them how to be successful.” During the presentation the people in attendance were given a very honest, direct, truthful look at the business. Jerry discussed the struggles, the potential and the fact that the managers were making it sound easier and better than it actually is to become successful. After the meeting a few representatives shared how thankful they were for the presentation and said “you’re the only person that has really told us the truth.” That’s when the history began to write itself. Our history is based on honest, straightforward, truthful planning and advice that has developed into all that we are now. We are proud of our long history, have always learned from it and use it to help make us better every day.