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Our Process

What we do and how we do it (our process) is actually very straightforward, simple and, we feel, the way it should be done. As an independent firm with about 30 years of experience we are able to deliver products, services, strategies, advice, guidance, support, counseling and relationships that deliver what is necessary. We deliver what YOU need. Simple right? It sounds simple and we like to keep it as simple as possible for you. We’ll do the heavy lifting and deep analysis but always take you through our process in the simplest, least confusing way possible.

Our process includes client focused meetings to uncover your needs. We want to understand your history, experiences and desires and gather all information necessary to put a plan together that is truly developed for you and in your best interest. We use all of the resources available to us as independent advisors to find what makes sense and pride ourselves on treating each individual, family or business as unique and special.