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Mike  Guinn

Mike Guinn

Financial Professional

Mike Guinn’s education in investing began early in life. Most of his childhood friends were interested in sports and toys. Mike was as well, but with a difference: Most of his purchases were made to acquire items that were not only enjoyable, but would increase in value. His “playthings” included rare coins, baseball cards, books and other collectibles.

He turned his attention to Wall Street in 1998. Shortly after hiring an adviser to manage money intended to provide for his infant daughter’s college education, Mike found his funds reduced to nothing within three years. Determined to take control and learn what mistakes to avoid, Mike researched how to invest and began managing his own money. As he gained knowledge and experience, he began assisting friends and work colleagues, advising them how to manage their 401(k) and investment accounts. He also contributed to an investment advice column in the Los Angeles’ Daily News throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s. Mike’s desire to gain knowledge and be a viable resource has led him to a place of vast knowledge and great confidence.

Mike has been a high-level manager in the corporate world and spent many years working with clients, helping them analyze and preserve some of their greatest assets. He is very excited to now be working with clients and guiding them with their overall planning including protection through insurance, asset accumulation and investment advisory services. Mike uses the knowledge he gained from the past 20 years to help clients establish and grow portfolios designed to meet their specific investment goals, be they two, five or thirty years in the future.

Mike Guinn is a financial professional with Infinity Wealth Management. He holds Securities 7 and 66 licenses, as well as a masters’ degree in business management from the University of Laverne. As a financial professional, Mike specializes in constructing customized investment portfolios based on clients’ goals and time frames. He can be reached at (661) 360-7803 or (661) 255-9555.